Many people hesitate to open a school and venture in because of the lack of specific knowledge about the structure and functions of a school. Opening a new school is in fact not a hands-down exercise and one has to know a lot about nitty-gritty of education and schools. Schools in India are meant to serve the local community as well the entire society.

Open a New School in India?
We are not talking about acquiring the ownership of an already running school, but opening a new school, right from the beginning. There are three aspects to be taken care of – the design and development of school infrastructure, the approval from different public agencies and lastly school administration and management. Also, the administrators would be required to recruit the staff, train them, devise curriculum and an effective system of operating the school on day-to-day basis.

To kick-start the project, the first requirement is the land for school, school building and infrastructure. All these requirements have to be in line with the norms provided by education bodies, state education department and the school board. To open a CBSE school or ICSE school (affiliated to CBSE or ICSE board), read the byelaws and norms provided by the given board. Everything from site selection to the provision of furniture and fixtures in classrooms has to be properly considered.

So far as authorization is considered, the school has to seek permissions from different government agencies like state education departments for NOC (No Objection certificate), Municipal Corporation for clearance for the school site, local health department for clearance of proper health and sanitation, etc. But even before the foundation stone is laid, the school has to be registered under a society or trust. Provided one is well versed with the rules and regulations, opening a new school in India is not taxing.

Once the permissions are acquired and infrastructure is developed, then begins the administrative work. School teachers and the staff have to be recruited. At the same time the school curriculum is developed for the students and the teachers are briefed and trained about the same.

Finally, an in house policy on operations, day-to-day working, school norms and discipline, admissions, school working days, students assessments, etc is formulated. This serves as a guide for the smooth functioning of the school.

With that you do not need to worry as how to open a new school in India is ready and the admission process begins.

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