Private schools in India provide education to the students at primary, middle and secondary levels. Such schools are independent schools which are established, administered and run by individuals under a trust. Unlike public schools, private schools are not dependent or funded by government; neither do they fall under the control of government’s restrictive legislation.

The growth of private schools in India is quite visible from last decade. The quality education and values imparted by private schools are the key factors for the rise in the demand of such schools. Today, parents know what is best for their children and they prefer to enroll their children in private schools due to the modern and innovative teaching methodologies used by these schools. So, for people considering entering the education sector, opening a private school is the safest and the best option. In case you too want to open a private school, following are the steps to help you to open a private school.

The first basic thing is to do an extensive research or survey in the market to find the actual need or demand and then decide the kind of a private school you can open. For instance, you can start a school up till primary level, middle or secondary level.
Then, form a group or a committee of experienced members who are expert in different areas, including education, legal, business etc., to begin with the preliminary work. The committee members will eventually become the core members of your school’s management.
Next, arrange for the funds to open your private school. You may arrange it by either taking loan from banks or ask for financial support from the members of your committee.
Further, acquire a land for your school at a good location, keeping in mind the safety of children. Also, ensure that the location, you choose, has pollution-free surroundings.
After finalising the location, acquire NOC from the Department of Education and prepare a blueprint of the school building specifying the dimensions of classrooms, laboratories, library, computer rooms, washrooms etc. and start the construction work.
Be sure that infrastructure and facilities are according to the standards set by State Board or another board to which you would affiliate your school.
Now, start the recruitment process for the teaching, non-teaching and administrative staff. Make sure, you hire experienced and professional people for the post of headmaster and business manager, as their experience will help you to handle the educational, staffing, enrolling and purchasing aspects of the school plan.

Next important thing is the advertising and promotion of your school. So, promote your school through newspapers, magazines, online private school diaries and school website. You can also use pamphlets and billboards as the promotional strategies.
Now, declare admissions open and begin the process of admissions, ordering curriculum and instructional material etc.

Though the idea to open a private school is good, but if you find it difficult to start an entirely new school on your own, you can opt for buying franchise of a branded school. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools is one among the famous names which gives away the franchise to the potential partners to impart quality education in innovative ways. If you want to open a private school with ease and comfort, click the tab given below to fill in the franchise application form.

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