The state of Haryana can boast about some of the best schools which are at par with the international standards. The major cities of Haryana like Gurgaon, Ambala, Faridabad, Panchkula etc. has some of the excellent schools that provide education at primary & secondary level. Moreover, the importance of education is well spread among the people of Haryana. Seeing this growing awareness of education among citizens, many people are coming forward to start their own school in Haryana. If you too aspire to open a school in Haryana, go to through the simple procedure given below.

    • The first step to open a school in Haryana, including Pinjore, Sonipat, Hisar etc. is to arrange funds for the establishment of your school. Typically, you need to invest a minimum amount of Rs.2 Crores, which you may arrange by taking loan from a bank or by borrowing money from private money lenders.
    • The next step is to form an association with at least two members and prove its non-profit motive by getting it registered as a society/trust.
    • Further, you are required to get the No-objection certificate from the Directorate of Education in order to establish your school in a particular area.
    • After obtaining the NOC, you need to find a land which is available for institutional purposes. The land can be your personal property or you can buy it from the land owing authority of the state. In case you want to buy the land from the land owing agency you need to obtain the letter of sponsorship from the DoE.
    • As soon as you acquire the official possession of land, commence with the construction process. Make sure to incorporate the basic facilities like spacious classrooms, well-stocked library, sports equipment, water and electricity supply, medical facilities, air conditioned computer room etc.
    • Once your school is complete with all the required facilities, the next step is to hire people for teaching, administration and support work. You may either conduct interviews or contact a placement agency.
    • The last step is to promote your school in the locality. You may organize seminars, presentations or even a press conference to announce the upcoming of your school. You may even opt for traditional means of advertising like distribute flyers/pamphlets, give ads in local newspapers, display hoarding along busy roads etc.

In case you are still stuck at the question of how to open a school in Haryana, it is advised to take up a school franchise. SHEMFORD is a well-established brand in the field of formal education which provides fruitful franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs. So, if you want to open a school in Haryana with ease, take up the SHEMFORD franchise by filling a simple franchise application form given here.

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