Karnataka is the home of some premier educational and research institutions of India. According to census, Karnataka has a literacy rate of 67.04%, with 76.29% of males and 57.45% of females. The state government has taken many steps to improve the education in Karnataka.

Education is a booming sector and any number of schools is less to meet the total population of India. To make our literacy rate 100%, it is necessary to spread education and open new schools to provide quality education. Owing to this reason, many people are coming up with aroused interest in opening new schools and investing their money in educational enterprise.

If you want to open a school in Karnataka, then go through the following steps:

The first thing is to identify the location to build a new school. Explore the other schools within your selected location and analyses the need of new school in that area.
After selecting the location, get an essentiality certificate from Department of Education in Karnataka i.e. Department of Public Instruction (Government of Karnataka).
Once you get the Essentiality Certificate, you can buy the selected land from land owing agencies on subsidized rates. The required land for opening a school is 2-3 acres.
The next step is to form a managing committee to look after the administration of the school. This managing committee is elected by the members of the society or the association. The society or association should be registered under the Mysore Societies Registration Act, 1960.
Now, when you have made a team, start planning your school. Plan the infrastructure, budget distribution, advertising strategies etc. Make a blue print of how your school is going to operate in coming 5 years.
Hire a contractor or architect to design your school. Important things to keep in mind while building school is a big playground, spacious classrooms, proper ventilation, sanitation, clean drinking water etc.
After establishing your school, apply for its recognition. An application is to be made to the District through the concerned Inspecting officer for getting your school recognized.
Once your school gets recognized, you can apply for its affiliation. The syllabus taught in the school of Karnataka is either of the CBSE or ISCE. CBSE is the most trusted board for affiliation private schools. Apply online or visit their regional office to apply for affiliation.
Recruit the office staff, teachers, plan the curriculum, get teaching aids, and buy furniture. Ask your marketing team to advertise your school and channelize the admission inquiries. Open the school office to take admission interviews.
After getting admissions, decide a ceremony date to launch your school. Make it a festive occasion and invite parents, educationists etc. Announce the beginning of your school’s session and start with regular school schedule.
However, opening a new school is a complex and time consuming procedure but the results are beneficial and satisfactory. The easiest way to start a school is to follow the franchise path to cut down the competition of already established brands of schools.

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