Private self-finance schools in India are increasing in both number and popularity. Today, there are many self-finance schools that have secured their place amongst the top private schools in India. Due to the increasing competition amongst the education sector, it may be difficult for the newly established schools to make their presence felt. Those who wish to set up their own self-finance schools may find it a bit tedious to start their operations. However, if you are planning to open self-finance school, by following a systematic procedure, you can achieve success in your venture. Before you set up your own self-finance school, you need to know the basic requirements for the venture.

The Requirements to Open Self-Finance School Are:

Capital (Rs 15 lakhs to Rs 20 lakhs for primary school, Rs 2 Crores to Rs 3 Crores for 10+2 school)
Registration of a Trust / Society
Land (either leased or purchased property)
Permissions from the government
Technical Know-How and Knowledge

Given Below Is the Procedure to Open “Self-Finance School”

The first thing to do is formulate a plan that would specify the capital investment required for starting self-finance school. You may also mention the number of educators and other staff you wish to hire, number of children you will enroll into your school and the expenses on promotional activities for the launch and further advertising of your school.
The next step is to form and register a Trust that would administer your self-finance school. This is a mandatory step, because most of the educational institutions in India are run by either registered Charitable Trusts or Societies for non-profitable purposes.
Now, you may start searching for land required for the construction of your self-finance school. Before that, you need to select a suitable location for your school. The location should be suitable for running primary school or K-12 school. You may opt for non-agricultural land for your self-finance school. In case of agricultural land, you need to convert it into commercial or institutional land. In case of primary school, the land should be spread over 8000 sq. ft. to 10000 sq. ft. of land. In case of 10+2 school, you will need at least 2 Acres of land. One Acre of land will be sufficient in case if you are going to set up your self-finance school within the areas of city with population exceeding 25 lakhs or in hilly area.
Once you get the NOC from the state government, you can start the construction of your self-finance school. For the purpose, you may create a plan for the design of your school’s building. You may also include the dimensions and positioning of the physical infrastructure of your school.
After the construction and finishing work of your self-finance school is over, you may start hiring educators, Principal and Vice-Principal (for 10+2 school) HM (for primary school), Academic Controller (if required), subject teachers, physical education teachers, laboratory assistants (for 10+2 school), librarian, accounts executives and office boys. Your school should necessarily include the basic facilities, equipment and teaching aid required for imparting quality education.
The last step is to formally launch your self-finance school in your locality. To serve the purpose, you may arrange a Press Conference to publicize your school’s brand name. Simultaneously, you may conduct an advertising campaign to garner publicity and attention for your self-finance school.
If you want to start your self-finance school, fill up the franchise application form.

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