Journalism is the act of reporting issues, events and projecting them to a broad audience, i.e., the public at large. People largely depend on the press for being informed about the whereabouts of the nation, state or local community. So, owing to people’s right to opinion and expression, journalism has gained immense popularity and importance in today’s world, as a result of which, there is an increase in the demand for more and more journalism colleges in the country. This in turn has increased the interest of many entrepreneurs as they are stepping forward to start their own venture in the education sector.

The procedure to start a journalism college is almost the same as starting any other college. In case you want to start your own journalism college, go through the following pointers.

A college is always run by a Society/Trust of non-proprietary character. So first, you need to form an association and get it registered under the Societies registration Act or any other Act as prescribed by the State Government. Ensure that the members you include in your association must agree to give a commitment of time and financial support for the establishment of college.
In addition to the finances from your colleagues, you can even organize fund raising events. Moreover, since you are opening an educational institution, so there will an easy availability of loans from various financial institutions.
After securing the funding options, you need to obtain the NOC from the DoHE (Directorate of Higher education). Remember to get this NOC renewed every year by filling an application form and paying an amount as prescribed by the DoHE.
The next pre-requisite for opening a journalism college is the land. So, look for a land which best suits your requirements. Make sure to get this land approved from the concerned land owing agency.
Further, you may begin with the construction. Ensure that the infrastructural plan of your college includes all the basic amenities such as well-lit classrooms, a library equipped with books on journalism, a computer lab, a studio equipped with instruments such as digital cameras & audio recorders etc.
Once the college is constructed, get it affiliated to a recognized university by filling an application form wherein you will have to agree to comply with the norms laid down by the university you are seeking affiliation to. Besides this, you are also supposed to pay a processing fee amount prescribed to the university.
The next big step is to launch your college. For that, you can conduct events such as seminars and conferences wherein you can invite students and parents to demonstrate your services and create awareness about the increasing importance of journalism.
Lastly, hire staff for teaching and administrative work. Make sure that faculty that you appoint for your college must have specialization in the field of print & electronic media, web designing, photography & videography and film journalism.
So, this is the step-by-step procedure that will help you to start your own journalism college.

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