Boarding schools form an important part of the Indian educational system as they provide children with valuable learning, exclusive education, unique understanding of world around them and make them learn to be responsible & independent. Besides this, boarding schools have added benefits such as providing individual attention to each student, better infrastructure in terms of co-curricular activities as compared to day schools and diversity for overall growth of children. Today, almost every Indian state has several reputed and well managed residential schools.

Nowadays, most parents are showing interest towards admitting their children in boarding schools that provide learning in a more disciplined home like setting. Seeing this, many budding entrepreneurs are stepping forward to start their own boarding school. in case you are also willing to start this rewarding venture go through the following pointers.

Develop a plan of action – First you need formulate a business plan which must include the operational plans (such as financing, marketing strategies & recruitment) and educational plans (such as curriculum, assessment procedure etc.). Carry out an extensive research to get a better know-how about establishing a boarding school. For that, you may talk to the founders of already existing boarding schools.

Form a committee – The guidelines issued by the authority of education requires that educational institutions must be run by registered Trust/Society. So, you need to form a committee and get it registered under the Societies Registration Act or any other act as mentioned by the Government.

Arrange for funds – The capital requirement for starting a boarding school is somewhere in the range of 40-60 crores which may vary from place to place. Since investing such a huge amount on your own can be a big problem. So, to serve your purpose, you may resort to banks or other financial institutions that provide loans to budding edupreneurs.

Obtain permissions – Make sure to obtain the necessary documents such as the No-Objection certificate (NOC), trust deed and other essential documents from the concerned authorities. It is essential, as these certificates will serve as the basis for the allotment of land by the land owing agencies.

Find location – After obtaining the documents, you need to look for a suitable location. Generally, all boarding schools are located in remote places free from all kinds of distractions, to provide effective learning to students. Further ensure that the land should be big enough to accommodate all the necessary infrastructural facilities. Usually, a land area of about 12-15 acres would be sufficient.

Start construction & purchase equipment– Once, you’ve acquired a suitable land, begin with the construction. Make sure that your boarding school has excellent interiors as well as exteriors. The classrooms must be well-equipped with advanced teaching equipment such as projectors & screens, the playground must include a variety of sports both indoor and outdoor such as basketball, cricket, table tennis, hockey, football etc., adequate hostel facilities, hygienic canteens & rest rooms etc.

Get affiliation & accreditation – After the completion of construction, you may apply for affiliation from a recognized board. It is highly advised to affiliate your school to CBSE, as; it is one of the most popular boards that offer exclusive curriculum which is much simpler & easier as compared to any other board. Moreover, it adds to the brand value of your school. In addition to affiliation, you may also get accreditation for your boarding school. Although it is not compulsory, but it helps you get more recommendations and admissions.

Hire staff – The next step is to start the recruitment process. Make sure that the teaching staff is well-qualified & devoted to teaching and must be easily available in case of any emergency.

Market your boarding school – Finally, construct a marketing plan. Design brochuresgiving all the details about the services that your boarding school offers. Invite more admissions by promoting your boarding school through advertisements in TV, Radio and Newspapers etc.

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