Tamil Nadu has been a center of education in southern India since olden days. Being one of the most literate states in India, TamilNadu has had a considerably good literacy growth rate in the last decade. The continuous growth in the state’s literacy rate indicates the high quality of education imparted at the junior, senior and graduation levels in the state. The schools in the state have been providing quality education to its students for years.

The people of the state are themselves very aware and each and in most of the Tamil families almost every member is educated. Due to the high levels of awareness among the people, opening a school is sure to be a successful venture in this state. So, anybody who wishes to dedicate his/her life in educating the young generation has an enormous scope of achieving success by starting a school in Tamil Nadu. There are lots of opportunities of opening schools all across the state. The State Education Board aspires to provide elementary and higher education in small towns and suburbs all over Tamil Nadu. In the whole process it aims at opening CBSE schools all over the state, raising the education standards in the state & further taking them to a new level.

The complicated process of starting a CBSE school has been discussed below:

• Contact the local Department of Education and get the details of the procedure of starting a CBSE school.
• Finish the formalities and get permission from the concerned authority to run a CBSE school.
• Consult people who are already in business and get an idea of the actual of the functioning of a school.
• Finalize the site for the construction of the school or finalize the building of the school.
• Prepare a layout plan and start construction as per the plan.
• Procure furniture and other material required in the school.
• Apply for recognition and affiliation of the school with the CBSE board.
• Formulate rules and regulations for the school.
• Recruit Principal, teachers and other staff with good qualification and experience.
• Advertise and market your school in the neighboring areas.

However, starting a school is a complex process but the results are satisfying and worth the effort. The increasing demand of schools makes them all the more tempting business opportunity. Affiliation from CBSE board helps your school to become one of the top schools of the country. The initial process of starting one’s own school is complicated and it’s very difficult for someone new in the field of education to excel in building a top school. However, the franchising option provides you a better platform to start your school. Among the various companies offering their franchises, SHEMFORD is a reputed CBSE school. The SHEMFORD schools are run by a well-educated and renowned management and faculty with more than 22 years of experience in the field of education.

The SHEMFORD Group of Schools follows the CBSE syllabi and has a well-developed curriculum. The core of the SHEMFORD schools is their in-house developed unique educational programme – ShemEduMax. This unique educational program combined with the CBSE syllabi gives the SHEMFORD students an edge over the crowd. They are taught through interactive and engaging methods in Conducive learning environment. This concept helps to reduce the need of learning by just memorization and developing an optimistic and fresh approach towards education. This support system includes personalized support, marketing guidance, recruitment and training, academic support and systems control.

To start a SHEMFORD of your own in the state of Tamil Nadu to raise the standards of education in the state, the following simple steps need to be followed:
• Fill the details of the Franchise Application Form of SHEMFORD School.
• Seek approval of the school construction site from the SHEMFORD management.
• Sign the Standard Franchise Agreement with the organization.
• Design the school curriculum incorporating the ShemEduMax™ Concepts.
• Initiate the construction of the school premises as per the plan.
• Assembling of the furniture, fixture and fittings etc. in the school premises.
• Follow SHEMFORD guidelines for appointment and recruitment of well-educated staff.
• Advertising in consultation with the PR and Marketing Department to popularize the brand and the launch of the School.

The SHEMFORD Group of Schools is an intelligent investment opportunity for all the aspiring Educationists. Their new & innovative curriculum and the world-class schooling experience would benefit your children in future. So, go now and apply for your own SHEMFORD School Franchise and contribute your bit in the development of your country’s future.

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