In India, education is considered as a stepping stone to uplift the economic status of the country. With the passing time, higher education is gaining popularity in India, as it not only prepares students to lead a better standard of living but also contributes to the growth & development of the nation. Due to this, India has been constantly witnessing a significant increase in the number of educational institutions that offer higher education. Moreover, in today’s competitive world, the young generation is realizing the importance of gaining higher education as it helps them to explore better career prospects and ensures better paying jobs. Hence, starting a college in India can be beneficial for you.

So, go through the following steps in case you want to start a college in India.

First, develop a business plan specifying all the basic necessities required to start a college. This includes investment, funding options, cost of the land, infrastructure, affiliation, marketing expenses etc.
Next, seek support from a group of individuals who can assist you in the planning process and help you in running the college successfully. Further, get this committee registered under the Societies Registration Act to declare its non-profit motive.
Once your society comes into existence, arrange the minimum investment (Rs.2 to 3 Crores) by securing funding options like loan from banks or from private money lenders.
Further, obtain the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the state’s Directorate of Higher Education (DoHE). This is essential in order to procure the land from the concerned land owing authority at subsidized rates. Besides this, fill an application form and submit it along with a fee of Rs.10,000 to the DoHE.
After securing the land area, start with the construction of the infrastructure and interiors. Make sure that you include all the fundamental requirements and facilities in your college. Further, ensure that the college receives an optimum supply of water & electricity and is well-equipped with safety measures such as fire alarms & fire extinguishers.
Next, get your college affiliated to a recognized university such as University Grants Commission (UGC). It is one of the apex bodies in India which is responsible for controlling and maintaining the standard of education in colleges affiliated to it.
Further, get an approval of the professional degrees programmes from the governing authorities. For instance, the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) grants approval to technical colleges, MCI to medical colleges and INC to nursing colleges.
After completing the above formalities, start with the hiring process. So, conduct interviews for various posts and appoint qualified teachers, non-teaching and administrative staff for the college campus.
Lastly, advertise your college to get its name noticed in the city. Put up attractive billboards at strategic locations and simultaneously, start admitting students in your college.

However, starting a effective planning & implementation. Moreover, the entire process is complicated, time-consuming and includes a lot of legal formalities & paperwork. Therefore, instead of starting a college, it is a better to start your own school because there are extensive formal school opportunities in India. Moreover, many schools chains have been established that provide lucrative franchise opportunities. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools is one such chain of formal schools which has spread its branches across India and Abroad in a short span of 3 years. It offers an exclusive franchise model with guaranteed support throughout the entire process. So, hurry and fill the franchise application form given here and become a member of the SHEMFORD family.

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