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Education sector is witnessing a boom in the Indian economy. With the increasing opportunities and challenges, the need for schools is increasing tremendously. Thus, investing in a school is a wise decision for the aspiring entrepreneurs. It is a very exciting as well as a rewarding profession. So, if you wish to set up your own school, go through the information given below.

To begin with, develop a budget. In order to start a high school, the capital requirement would range from Rs. 3-4 crores. Since it is a huge amount, you can approach banks and financial institutions to gather the amount.
The next step is to form an association or a group of individuals i.e. society/trust and make sure that the society formed is registered under the Society Registration Act, 1860.
After the society is registered and comes into existence, the next step is to look for a location that suits your requirements. You can consider a residential area to set up your school, as it will ensure a congenial, calm and pollution-free atmosphere, feasible for students to learn in.
After deciding upon the location, you have to ascertain the area of land required. Usually, an area of around 2-3 acres is sufficient to accommodate the building as well as the playground.
Now, the next important step is to obtain No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Department of Education (DoE) and other land owning agencies like MCD or DDA, which will declare that you have officially gained possession of the land.
Once you have obtained the NOC, you can start the construction of your high school building. Ensure that the classrooms are spacious and properly ventilated. Also, the library and labs should be well-equipped with the latest books and apparatus respectively.
Now that your school is completely furnished and ready to start its operations, the next step is to hire certified and well-trained staff for your high school. Apart from hiring the teaching staff, you will have to recruit the non-teaching staff as well.
Once the recruitment procedure is also over, the next step is to promote your school through hoardings, banners, flyers etc. You may also plan a launch event and invite the prospective parents to attract admissions to your newly opened high school.

Starting a school by oneself is tedious task. Thus, opting for a school franchise is a better option for the aspiring investors. Franchisees are a better option to start your own school because they provide you all the training and support required to start your own school. Hence, if you wish to join the pioneers in the education sector opt for SHEMFORD Futuristic School franchise. The personalized support and guidance will ensure a long term profitable and wise decision. Fill This form and get associated to the SHEMFORD family.

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