The Indian education sector is seeing an exponential growth in the demand for secondary education, which is a crucial step in the educational journey of every child. It not only prepares students for higher education but also for the world of work. Matric schools are the ones which aim at providing secondary education to students. Seeing the importance of secondary education, many entrepreneurs are investing their time and money in setting up matric schools. It gives them an opportunity to serve the social cause of imparting education. Besides this, it is a profitable as well as a safest business venture.

In case you are also planning to start a matric school, go through the pointers mentioned below.

You first need to form a group of at least 3 individuals and register this group as a society to prove its ‘non-profit’ motive.
Next, you need to obtain the ‘Essentiality Certificate (EC)’ from the Directorate of education (DoE), which certifies the requirement of a school in a particular zone. Besides this, it also serves as the basis for the allotment of land for the school by the land owing agencies like DDA/MCD.
The third step is to look for a suitable location and acquire a minimum land area as specified by the government. Make sure that the location that you choose should be pollution free and the land must be non-agricultural.
After securing an appropriate location, start with the construction of your matric school. Hire an architect to plan the infrastructure of your school. However, make sure to include a well-equipped library, a big enough playground, air-conditioned computer room, adequate bathrooms facilities and separate laboratories for different subjects.
After the completion of construction, begin with whitewashing and start equipping your school with basic requirements. Buy furniture that is durable and safe. Equip the laboratories with proper instruments & apparatus and purchase necessary equipment for sports & other co-curricular activities.
Next, you need to get your school recognized by the concerned authority. The authority that grants recognition to matric schools is the DoE.
Further, you are required to get the affiliation for your school from the respective state board or any other board such as CBSE or ICSE. Once your school is affiliated, you are expected to abide by the norms and standards established by the board your school is affiliated to.
Once you are done with all the formalities, you may start preparing on how to launch your school. Plan some promotional activities such as press conference, announcing the launch of your school. Simultaneously, start recruiting potential faculty. Ensure that teachers must have a fair knowledge of their subjects and good years of experience.
After announcing the launch of your school, you may start promoting its name in the locality. You may opt for extensive marketing strategies such as organizing workshops for parents. You may create a list of email id’s and send a mass message to all the potential parents who are seeking schools for their children’s admission. Along with the promotion, start admitting students toy your school.

Follow these simple steps and start your own matric school anywhere in India.

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