How to Start a School in India


In order to start a school in India, the following steps should be taken care of.

      • At first, conduct a market research to identify the demand for a school in a particular zone and to determine which type of school is in need.
      • Next, form an association under the Societies Registration Act. Include members who hold a strong background in the education field and are financially sound.
      • Further, decide upon the budget that you are willing to invest in your venture. However, before deciding the budget, keep in mind that this budget may vary in accordance with various factors like location, type of school, land area etc. The investment can either be shared among the members of the association or borrowed from the banks/financial institutions.


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    • Next, look for a non-agricultural land which has the right kind of ambience and pollution-free surroundings. This land can either be your own property or leased with a rental agreement of minimum 30 years. Another way is to get the land from the land owing agency of the state. However, in both the cases you are required to obtain permission from the DoE.
    • So, the next step is to get the NOC from the DoE. Along with this, obtain the Letter of Intent (LoI) from the DoE, in case you are buying land from the land owing agency.
    • After acquiring the land, start with the construction. For this purpose, hire an architect and a contractor to speed up the construction process. Apart from the school building, make sure to include a proper playground and an auditorium. You may also include a swimming pool, if your budget allows.
    • Once the construction is complete, apply for recognition from the Municipal Corporation to start your school up to 5th standard. In case you are starting a school up till 9th standard, seek recognition from the Department of Education. However, for higher standards,the recognition is granted by DoE but only after a gap of 2 years.
    • Next, seek affiliation to CBSE, CICSE or the respective state board. Remember that, after getting affiliated, your school is expected to follow the affiliation bye-laws of the respective board.
    • Further, attain the certificates for hygiene, water and certificate of completion from the state’s municipality.
    • After acquiring the certificates, start the recruitment process. Conduct interviews or consult a recruitment agency that will help you to hire potential candidates for your school.
    • Lastly, adopt extensive marketing strategies to promote and advertise your school in your community. Organize events such as book fair, parents’ workshops etc. and invite all the neighbourhood parents and students. This way they will get to know about the services offered by your school and would bring in more admission queries.

So, this is the basic procedure that you need to follow in order to start a school anywhere in India. However, you need to have fair knowledge and know-how about the basic structure and functioning of a school. In case you are a beginner and feel inexperienced, join hands with the leading brand, SHEMFORD which aims at providing successful franchise to people who have good knowledge about the school systems. so, hurry and click here to fill the Franchise Application Form.


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