Good educational institutions that provide value-based education have always been in huge demand in India. As a result, the education sector offers numerous options for starting a new business. Moreover, starting an education business in India is a great way to begin a rewarding career, as education is one of those sectors which is least affected by the economic cycles. This is because, no matter what the situation is, parents never compromise on their child’s education.

In case you wish to start an education business, you can opt to establish a playschool, elementary school, senior secondary school, college or a coaching institute. However, opening a primary school would be the best option, as the education at primary level has been made compulsory for all children in the age group 6-14 years, by the government. Moreover, parents are now well aware of the importance & need for providing the best education to their children. So, go through the steps given below and start your own education business now.

All the independent schools must be run by a Trust or a Society, registered under the respective Government’s Act. Hence, to establish your primary school, you need to form a committee and get it registered as a Trust/Society under the India Trust Act/Societies Registration Act, respectively. Make sure that the members you choose are highly experienced and are willing to provide financial support for your venture.
Just like other businesses, starting an education business also requires effective planning. So, the next step is to frame a detailed business plan which includes all the important particulars like capital requirement, distribution of budget, blueprint of the school design, marketing & promotion strategies etc.
To establish any type of educational institution, it is vital to find a land which is available for commercial purposes. Therefore, after developing a business plan, you need to procure a land in a location which is pollution free and provides an active learning environment. Once you have procured the land, you also need to obtain the No Objection Certificate from the Education Department.
Now, to begin with the systematic construction of your school, you may refer to the blueprint that you designed previously, at the time of formulating the business plan.
Another prerequisite for setting up a formal school is seeking affiliation from a recognised board of education. So, once the school building is constructed, you need to approach CBSE or ICSE in order to gain affiliation.
An educational institution is known by its staff, as they are the ones who are responsible for representing the school to the society. So, after affiliating your school to a recognised board, you need to conduct interviews and test for recruiting people at various posts. Ensure that the people you employ are well-qualified and are competitive enough to handle the school operations.
It is essential to promote and advertise any educational institution, to make it known to the community. So, lastly you need to plan effective marketing campaigns and adopt various promotional strategies like creating a website, displaying hoardings, conducting local events etc. to publicize your primary school.
These above mentioned procedure will help you to start your own education business in India. However, setting up an elementary school all by oneself is a complex task, as it involves accomplishment of a lot of legal formalities and liaison with various government authorities, which consumes a lot of your time. So, another way of setting up an elementary school is buying a franchise of a renowned brand. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools – India’s Fastest Growing Chain of Schools, is a prominent name in the field of education which offers exclusive franchise opportunities to people who wish to set up an education business. In case, you wish to join hands with SHEMFORD, click on the tab below and fill the Franchise Application Form.

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