Starting an International school in India is a lengthy and a complicated process .It is not a one day task rather it involves a lot of knowledge and information of the processes involved.

Here is a timeline for the tasks involved with starting your own private school.

Niche Identification: At least 24-36 months before starting an international school, determine that what kind of school the international market needs and decide upon the grades till you want to start the international school. Normally, you should start with primary grades and then grow later with the upper grades.

Market Analysis: Form a small team of experienced and talented people who can provide you with the adequate knowledge relating to various factors like finance, management etc. Market Analysis involves investment in terms of time and energy. This market research helps in guiding through the various challenges that you will come across while starting an international school.

Incorporation: Once you form a committee for starting an international school to do the market analysis , the time is for incorporation of papers. All required documents, the costs etc. is to be handled by the lawyer of the committee. Incorporation is one of the most important steps of opening an international school as it helps in long term fund raising. This is because; the financial institutions and other financial parties readily give money to a legal registered entity.

Development of a Business Plan: Once the International School is incorporated, the next step is to develop a business plan. This business plan is the blue print of guidelines on how the international school should operate.

Develop a Budget: After the development of the business plan for International School, it’s time to develop a detailed plan of all the incomes and expenses that may occur for the next 5 years. Seek the expert advice for detailing of the budget and make sure

Find a Place: Search for a place for the international school to develop a building plan. Think and analyze all the land requirements carefully.

Identify Your Faculty Requirements: It is very important to analyze your faculty requirements depending upon the grades you are running the school.

Recruit Key Staff Members: Search and choose for the best teachers, HMs and class IV employees’. Write job descriptions for all your staff and faculty positions.

Marketing and Publicity: Develop a website; do constant promotion and spread a positive word of mouth through banners, internet etc. before actually launching and starting an international school.

SHEMFORDis one of the nation’s leading 10+2 School Chain with branches spread across the country and abroad. SHEMFORD Futuristic School is a CBSE School with a reputed brand name in Doha (Qatar) as well. If you want to start an international school you can become a part of SHEMFORD. After completing a few formalities, you can get associated with SHEMFORD and become the franchisee of an International School. To begin with, you may fill the Franchise Application Form.

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