English medium schools are blooming in almost every Indian state to meet the growing demand for better schools. Nowadays, parents also insist on sending their children to English medium schools because they are fast realizing the importance of English language. According to the government facts and figures, the enrolment in English medium schools has sharply increased by 75% in just three years. Due to this reason, many edupreneurs are willing to set up their own English medium schools in India.

If you too want to start an English medium school, consider the following requisites.

Register Committee

To begin with, you first need to get your committee registered as a society under the Society Registration Act. Make sure that the members of your committee are experienced professionals who can take proper care of the functioning of the society.

Arrange Funds

In order to open your own English medium school, you need to invest a minimum amount of Rs.2 Crores which would include expenses for land, construction, facilities, marketing etc. So, opening an English medium school can be a little expensive. In such a situation, you can approach banks, moneylenders or financial institutions that provide loans for the establishment of school. So, for that you required to complete a number of formalities on paper.

Obtain NOC

The most important step to consider while setting up a school is obtaining the required licenses and permissions from the concerned authorities. So, first you need to obtain the NOC from the DoE (Department of Education) on the basis of which the land will be allotted to you for the construction of your school.

Acquire Land

The next step after obtaining the NOC is to acquire a land. Generally, the land requirement for setting up a school is specified by the affiliating board or any such institution to which the school is going to be affiliated. However, the minimum land requirement for establishing an English medium school is around 2 acres.

Get Affiliation

Once the construction of your school is over, getting affiliation from a recognized board is the next step. You can choose from a number of boards that offer affiliation to English medium schools. In India, there are primarily two boards that offer affiliation other than the state boards. These are CBSE and ICSE. The medium of instruction for ICSE boards is strictly English whereas CBSE offers both English and Hindi as the medium of instruction.

Recruit staff

Once you are done with the formalities of getting affiliation, next you need to appoint staff for the administration and faculty. Ensure that you hire qualified professionals. You also need to hire other support staff that would take care of the cleaning and maintenance of your school.

Market your school

The next and the most important step is to advertise your school through effective branding. So you need to for plan marketing strategies that would attract potential parents. For this purpose, you may resort to electronic or print media. You can also organize events such as children’s fair, book fair, drawing competitions etc.

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