A school, especially a formal school, holds the responsibility to groom the children for their holistic growth and development. Schools primarily aim to impart standardized education. However, to ensure the over-all development of the children, it is essential that the school should be built and designed in such a way that it stimulates a learning environment. Moreover, a school should be planned in such a way that it offers learn while play environment. Schools gain popularity not only by their academic records but also by the infrastructural facilities they offer. An ideal setup of a school should be as follows:

First and foremost, you must remember that it is important to design the school according to the norms laid down by the Government. According to the standard norms of the education boards of India, at least 2 acres of land is required to setup a school. Whereas, in hilly areas and metropolitan cities, a school can be established on an area of 1 acre.
A school should necessarily possess a playground. Therefore, the school building should be constructed on one part of land and a huge playground on the remaining part.
An ideal school should have spacious and well-ventilated classrooms. The classrooms must have a minimum size of 8m X 6m (approximately 500. sq. ft.) as per CBSE’s guidelines.
Also, an institution must have a library with a minimum size of 14m X 8m fully equipped with sufficient quality reading material.
Apart from the classrooms and library, there should be separate rooms for extracurricular activities such as dance room, vocal music room, art & craft room etc.
There must be a provision for Math and Computer labs, which must be fully equipped with the latest apparatus & equipments. It must be ensured that the computer labs have a proper back up plan.
Along with the aforesaid infrastructural requirements, a school should maintain provisions for well-equipped Science lab with a minimum capacity of 9mX 6m. There must be separate Science labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology with the respective equipments required.
Ideally, a school should also possess a swimming pool and a well-equipped gymnasium
Also, there should be a medical room to safeguard the health of the staff and students. The room should have beds and other essential equipments as well.
In order to maintain the hygiene level, there must be proper provisions for sanitation and safe drinking water.
To ensure the safety of the students, the floor should not be slippery and there must be railings along the staircase. Also, there must be fire extinguishers in case of emergency.
In case of any calamity, there must be a proper route for evacuation as well.
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