Study Centre of Indian Origin in Johannesburg


India’s first study centre in South Africa has been established with much enthusiasm. Centre for Indian Studies or CISA has been established at the University of Witwatersrand to promote teaching and research on India in the same university. The keynote address on the occasion was delivered by Indian Minister of State for External Affairs, Anand Sharma.

Supporting this initiative, many experts have reiterated on increasing the participation and economic cooperation for development purposes.

CISA will also promote academic exhange  and intellectual activities that take place in the two countries. It would be headed by Stephen Gelb. The original foundation for CISA can be credited to the Former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, who on his visit to this country announced the education exchange programmes and cooperation.

Today, exchange programmes with foreign education institutions is considered as a great step to remove the disparities in the global population. Students and scholars, who have been facing limitations, have been given more opportunities to discover cross cultural diversity and discover unexplored areas in the education field.

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