An International school is the one which follows certain set standards that have a universal appeal. These standards may govern the school administration, the education policies, the education system, curriculum and any other aspect that is followed by the schools established in foreign countries.

Indian education system bears a close resemblance of British education system. The education cycle, which comprises of schooling, college and higher studies, has been inherited from British Education system. The subjects, course matter, curriculum, teaching methods or pedagogy have all come into existence after keenly studying different education models and system of the world.

Advantages of International Schools
The most approved or accepted system of education may not be the best choice in each and every case. For instance, if you have a look at the CISCE affiliated schools, you will find that education provided in these schools marks a distinction. In many schools in America, Indian students are not given the admission because the education system is different. Similarly, anyone who has come from a school in US will find difficulties in adjusting in the Indian schools. To minimise these differences and provide for a universally accepted system, our International Schools are of great help.

International Schools and Education
In well-known International schools, the education received by the students is up to the standard. The school arranges for all means to give students such an exposure as is enjoyed by the students learning abroad. Therefore learning environment is genuinely like an international school.

International schools often have a different pedagogy and curriculum. These two are blended to give students a unique learning experience. For example, teaching language and arts. These two are compulsory subjects in many international schools and the students have to learn additional languages. In arts, students can choose from the beginning their interests and may not be forced to learn sciences and mathematics, although everyday science is still taught. This enables specialisation from the very childhood or at elementary level.

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