Spanking Lowers Kids IQ

Scientists world over have concluded now, that spanking a kid in his preschool years, lowers the child’s IQ. Researchers from the University of New Hampshire have found that kids who have been spanked have lower IQs by 2.8 points to 5 points. World over, spanking has been adopted by most parents as an effective measure to discipline their kids and to make them obey. And the practice is so common, that parents don’t even see anything wrong in it. But now this research will definitely change the mindset of most parents around the globe.

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Researchers have concluded that more the spanking, slower the development of the mental ability. Even small amounts of spanking make a difference on the child’s emotional well being. The stress caused in a young ones mind creates post-traumatic stress symptoms, which is linked to lower IQ. Scientists concluded that spanking is among the many factors that influence a child’s IQ, adding that the traumatic experience causes kids to have more stressful responses in difficult situations and not to perform well cognitively.

This is the reason that most schools these days have adopted an anti-spanking stance and abide by these norms in the strictest of manners. Teachers are given special training as to how to handle a kid under tiring circumstances. Parents are also gradually adopting this as a more effective measure now. Shemrock Schools suggest many techniques as an alternative to spanking, when they do something wrong. Could visit the below link for further information on how to handle unacceptable behavior in kids.

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