IT Enters School Education In Himachal Pradesh, Everonn Systems Approaches HP Government


Information Technology (IT) has had a great time in India and to carry forward the boom, which at present seems to have lost its momentum, the IT companies are exploring new avenues.

Everonn Systems India Limited is an IT company, specialized in Knowledge Management, Education and Training. The company provides IT training and facilitation at different institutes. The latest update is that Everonn Systems has approached the Himachal Pradesh state government, to implement IT education in the senior schools.

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The IT companies may start this trend of providing quality IT education in the senior schools. The scope for IT companies looks promising as the education sector is a massive one and can support a lot of such initiatives.

Also, implementing the procedures and building up the infrastructure can help the students to be better prepared for a promising career.

India is one country where skilled labour, especially in the IT sector, is globally recognized as topnotch and competitive. The English speaking IT professionals in India are preferred in the South Asia. Considering such an asset, the students that are soon going to start their professional lives.

IT companies can further help their own growth and sustenance by investing in this sector. School education is a cyclic process and its span is ever continuing By striking a good balance with the school institutions, the companies can do much better and for a long time.

The premier education and training institutes (IT) in the country do afford and in fact do hire these companies. The challenge however is to take them to the secondary education level.

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