IT Training Institutes Diversifying


Over the last few years, some known education providers in India have diversified their operations and are now indulging in education related services. NIIT is a great example, which has come successfully to take on the education market as it evolves. For last five or six years, this insitute has been involved in different projects, apart from imparting the computer education.

The focus has shifted from conventional methods of teaching to developing new methods and tools of learning. With the help of technology and interactive systems, many education providers have developed their own models of teaching and pedagogies. Very soon students may find an altogether different learning experience as these new ystems would be made operational.

The exploration has bugled great news for many as jobs are being created in the newly found segments and niches. Like NIIT, there are many other small players that have taken up very specialised realm to chip in. Some are developing online support services, some are producing interactive media and yet others are looking out for more diverse avenues.


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