Know about the Planets


1. The brightest planet as seen from Earth — Venus
2. The planet also known as Earth’s twin — Venus
3. The planet, which rotates in a direction opposite to that of others — Venus
4. The planet, which has prominent rings around it — Saturn
5. Planets which have no satellites — Mercury & Venus
6. The planet with the longest day — Venus (244 hrs)
7. The planet with the shortest day — Jupiter (9 hrs 55 mts)
8. The planet also known as Evening/Morning star — Venus
9. The Jovian planets — Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
10. The star nearest to the earth — Proxima Centauri
11. The hottest planet in the solar system — Venus
12. The largest satellite in solar system — Ganymede (Jupiter’s)
13. The planet also known as the Red Planet — Mars
14. The highest known mountain in the solar system — Olympus Mons on Mars
15. The asteroid belt lies between — Mars and Jupiter
16. The largest asteroid also known as a dwarf planet — Ceres
17. Pluto earlier considered a planet is now considered a dwarf planet and a part of — Kuiper belt
18. Halley’s comet last appeared in 1986 and is expected to appear next in — 2061
19. The galaxy nearest to the milky way — Andromeda
20. The planet whose density is less than that of water — Saturn

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