The coveted Central Board of School Education is the benchmark of popular secondary and senior secondary schools in India. The school board has set up high standards of academic performance and is known for laying the administrative set up of schools and holding the examinations (class X and class XII). Their certificates are valid and valuable in almost any country.

All middle, secondary or senior secondary schools can have an affiliation with the board, which is granted after fulfilling certain requirements. At the moment we will only learn about land requirements as have been put forth in the affiliation bye-laws of the CBSE.

The minimum land required for a school is 2 acres, with relaxations for schools located at different locations and the category in which the school falls. The board grants affiliation for three categories A+, A and B.

Categories under CBSE norms and minimum land or area required –

Category A+: Land requirements for this category is minimum 2 acres. Category A+ is the one that seeks permanent affiliation.

Category A: In case of provisional affiliation (which is valid for three years), it is again 2 acres minimum with relaxations.

Category B: These are schools seeking provisional affiliation with their application forwarded by state education department and the land is no less than 1.5 acres, meeting other requirements, which are:

(a) 250 sq.meters plus one square meter for every student on rolls if it is middle school

(b) 500 sq.meters plus one square meter for every student on rolls if it is secondary school

(c) 750 sq.meters plus one square meter for every student on rolls if it is senior secondary school

Relaxations for Category A –

In case the location of the school seeking affiliation is metropolitan city with population exceeding 25 lacs, hilly areas or classified cities including Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi and NCT. For these locations minimum land required is one acre. For Delhi, NCT and classified cities land requirement for senior secondary school varies as per the streams taught in the schools. For senior secondary, preprimary to XII and with four streams land requirements is minimum 4000 sq.meters. For two streams it is 3000 sq.meters and for one stream it is 2000 sq.meters.

CBSE school affiliation rules are to be strictly followed in order to get the affiliation of the school.

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