‘Loss’ of fee records leads to cancelled admissions, Students miss NIOS exam


In a very major event of carelessness by the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), thousands of students of Delhi were not able to appear for their class 12th exam on April 6th. The reason for this is that the students did not receive their IDs for the exam and therefore this day saw thousands of students queuing outside the office of NIOS to collect their duplicate ID cards.

As a last resort for the situation, students queued up in last few days before the exam and even had to shell out Rs.50 for the duplicate IDs. It seems that the IDs were dispatched but were somehow lost or misplaced. Many students even resigned in the situation since even if they received their duplicate on the day of the exam, reaching the exam centre before 2:30 PM seemed impossible.

Officials of the NIOS however say that the IDs were dispatched but might not have reached due to wrong addresses being provided. Around 3500-4000 students faced this problem and lined outside the office. Officials claim to have contacted the students personally to inform them that the requirement of IDs had been removed from this exam and they could appear for it. Students however have another story to tell.

Along with this event, there also has been cancellation of numerous admissions this year due to non-payment of fees. According to officials of the NIOS, it might be due to the partial computerisation of the records and functioning of the NIOS. Data might have been lost during this process which involves around 1.30 lakh students from Delhi. Admissions however will be restored when the students bring proof of payment of fees which was done through drafts. Also, officials assure that necessary steps will be taken about the Monday confusion after all the details are received.

Mess outside NIOS office with students waiting to collect duplicate IDs
Mess outside NIOS office with students waiting to collect duplicate IDs

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