More and more people are turning towards the internet in order to search for information regarding the various preschool options. However, few of them are able to get the desired information. Yes, the perfect webpage to answer all your queries regarding the preschool is out there! The problem lies in the method of searching employed by the people. Most parents tend to use a search engine when searching for such information. They usually type a few words in the Query Box and then start scrolling through all the possible matches the search page displays.

Search Phrase
Usually, the words chosen to conduct the search play a very crucial role in finding the best-possible results. Typing in a vague phrase like — admission in playschool + kidzee, will lead to many off-target web pages that don’t deal with the required information. In fact, on most search engines, this phrase would list various websites that contain some articles/information related to Kidzee. This is because search engines are unable to decipher as to what is the exact nature of the query, from such a search phrase. The search phrase — ‘admission in playschool + kidzee’ could be interpreted as information sought related to:

1. Admissions in Kidzee
2. Some general information about Kidzee
3. What things should parents check out when seeking admissions for their child in a playschool? or
4. What are the issues related to admission in a playschool.

Neither does conducting search with the term — admission in playschool + kidzee, lead to the main website of Kidzee. This is because the search term itself is too generic. The solution to this confusion is rather easy.

• If a parent is seeking information about admission in Kidzee, then the search term has to be more specific like — admission in kidzee or “admission” kidzee. Both these search terms essentially lead to the main website of Kidzee, providing the necessary information on the page related to admissions.

• However, if the parents are searching for information regarding issues like the appropriate age, things to check-out, etc. for admission to playschools, they could key in the phrase — admission in playschool — in the Search Box. After having gone through the articles/information related to playschool admissions, the parents could then seek further information regarding the playschool of their choice by typing in the name of the playschool in the search box, which would invariably lead to the main website of that playschool.

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