The alumni that leave senior secondary schools are more and more interested in joining for a professional course and in one of the best institutes in the country. The competition is severe for popular universities, medical colleges, engineering colleges and the management institutes. In the last 10 years students have been eyeing upon top management institutes like IIMS and many private institutes Symbiosis, IIPM, JIMS, etc. Management studies in India have become the first choice.

Schools do play a great role in providing proper guidance to the students. Students are given briefings about the graduate and postgraduate programs and even prepared for the selection tests that will soon come once the senior secondary is qualified. Alumni of schools like DPS, Lady Irwin Senior Secondary, Airforce Bhal Bharti, etc are more or less better prepared for the entrance tests.

The economic growth and the foreign investments that have been pouring into India have facilitated the growth of management schools. There is a great demand of management professionals that is constantly being looked after by the management institutes.

The prime reason for joining a management school is the best placement and job opportunities. The package received by management professionals is much higher than other graduates or postgraduates that join the industry. The top place is occupied by the six management institutes of India, the IIMs.

Both graduate and postgraduate courses are provided, beside certification courses. The post graduation diploma or PGDM is provided for any stream after the completion of the postgraduate course.

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