To begin with, MBA or MCA, which is the better career option for young graduates, is the most asked question nowadays. With plethora of management schools and IT institutes, there is no dearth of quality education and training for any of them.

In India, education is still driven by the penultimate choices made by the students to get quickly absorbed in the industry and start earning as soon as possible. That is the popular choice, the vote of the majority of students who even after graduating from colleges are inconclusive as how to proceed further.

In the decade that passed there was an impulsive surge of students seeking admissions in the management and information technology institutes. Whether or not we consider the great IT boom to be responsible for the trend, but hundreds and thousands of young professionals in the cities are now employed in various small and big companies.

The choice – MBA or MCA program has become obvious and in some cases students have even been looking for the combination. This excessive demand has further led to the mushrooming of MBA and MCA schools in India. The demand is so great as to invite the attention of many foreign universities and schools.

For small and big IT companies, the answer to the question; MBA or MCA, which is better option, is both. These companies need IT professionals as much as management staff.

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