Modern Teaching Aids: More Homework For Teachers


Students, especially small children almost loathe about the daily homework assigned to them. The young minds sometimes envy their own teachers as they come in the classroom, teach and leave – no homework, no tests and no assessments. That may be true but not in the coming era where teachers themselves have to prepare a lot before coming to the classroom.

The textbook and dictation age is a thing of the past. Modern teaching aids like audio and video presentations demand more preparations from the teacher. Many schools have recently added such aids and techniques in the curriculum to provide to the students an all-inclusive learning package and environment.

Image Credit: Misterteacher

In certain subjects like History and Sciences, there are many things that cannot be completely described on the blackboard or by oral recitation. One popular example is the development stages of living cells, functioning or various organs, organ systems, etc. Even though the teacher may carry a chart or draw a neat diagram on the board, but effective learning still misses out. A video presentation or short film gives the student a better learning experience as they can watch the actual phenomena and processes.

Teaching lessons are increasingly being provided on compact discs and digital video discs and the content on the same is either viewed in the class or by the student at home. The teacher has to be sure to identify the main points or emphasize on these points so that children can assimilate the knowledge.

Three cheers to our teachers who are supposed to do a little viewing of the content at home and come prepared in the morning!

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