Yoga Training Centres to recieve Monetary Assistance by NCERT


Yoga is a regular subject that is taught at the secondary level of the school curriculum. However, it requires support to bring it at equal level with the other subjects of the curriculum. To provide assistance in this task, NCERT now has a plan at the formative stage through which they will provide financial assistance to the yoga training centres and will also provide skilled teachers of yoga so as to train school students.

It is already acknowledged that overall development of the child is the main focus of education and learning. The contribution of Yoga to the physical aspect of development has been recognised already but it has not been give the due importance and some assistance is required to promote it in schools. For this, it is being considered to provide lump sum grant to teachers for undergoing the grooming of teachers at yoga institutes.

The joint director of NCERT will chair the grant-in-aid committee which is to consider this proposal. The main task of this committee will be consideration and approval of the proposals which will then aid for the release of funds to institutions on decided criteria. For follow up, the monitoring of the execution of this scheme will also be taken up by this committee.

Teachers will be trained in the yoga skills according to the specifications that have been made in the National Curriculum Framework, 2005. It would be the respective states that would take up the responsibility of routing the proposal of yoga institutes. The check or monitor will be kept by a committee which will be specially created for this task by the regional institutes of education which will also monitor the functioning of the training programme.

This scheme would be seen to initiate in August 2009 and around 30 teachers will be a part of a single training program. The deputation of teachers for the purpose will also be done by the state governments. The actual programme of training may stretch over to one month. Also, according to the need of the teachers, refresher courses can also be arranged for duration of 21 days.

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