Setting up a CBSE school just got easier as schools will no longer need an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the CBSE for applying for affiliation.

Amendment to policy Byelaws

Last month, an amendment was made to a rule on CBSE affiliation by-laws. According to a CBSE circular, dated July 8, 2013, “A school seeking provisional affiliation with the Board must have formal prior recognition of the State/U.T. government and also produce evidence to this effect that the applicant school had intimated the education department of the State about the application made to CBSE seeking affiliation with the Board.”

Only if the CBSE receives an objection to the application does the school need to produce an NOC from the State. “In case the board receives objections during the application process of the school, it may ask the concerned school to produce the NOC from the State government or Union Territory or otherwise it would be assumed that the concerned State/UT government has no objection,” the amendment says.

The circular also says the amendment in the affiliation bye-laws was made on the recommendations made by the affiliation committee in a meeting on June 24, and the subsequent approval of the governing body of the Board. As per the earlier rule, the application of the school seeking provisional affiliation with the CBSE must either be forwarded to the Board by the State government or there should be an NOC to the effect.

Our Reaction

At the outset, it looks like a good move and will really simplify the process of setting up a school and ensure speedy affiliation to the CBSE. This move will not only remove the bureaucratic delays and hurdles but also put an end to the heavy bribes that officials and politicians demand from the schools to grant the NOC.

This will also encourage existing state board schools to shift to CBSE since CBSE schools are preferred by parents for the standard of education they offer. This trend will be seen in states like Tamil Nadu where the state boards not only have to follow a traditional schooling curriculum and have also have fee regulation and many administrative constraints under which they have to operate.

Reaction from the states

Education, under the constitution has always been a state subject and hence, states are not expected to relinquish control over the school system so easily so there may be policy announcements on this subject, which may impose some new controls in the coming months. We would hope nothing of this happens but will have to wait and watch. Even if no policy change is made by the states they can still send objections to the CBSE regarding granting the affiliation, but the tediousness of the process might make the state government selective about this. But it has to be seen how each state government will react to it.

However for now, we can say it is a huge step in the right direction and Mr. Shashi Tharoor should be thanked for taking this step – which has been a long standing demand of the school sector!

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