There are various methods of searching for the best-suited preschool for your child. Some parents make such decisions based the various forms of advertising that are used in the media, while some depend upon the feedback they receive from parents who already have children enrolled in a preschool. Many parents use the online option when searching for a preschool for their child.

A common method of searching about a particular brand of preschool in Delhi is to type-in the name of the school, preceded by the main nature of the enquiry and lastly, the location is typed in. For example, keying in a search phrase like — admission age mother’s pride new Delhi — will initially list websites that are directly related to Mother’s Pride,

followed by other websites that would be attuned to subjects like, the age for admission, perfect age for admission and even listings of websites highlighting the term ‘New Delhi’. Thus, it becomes apparent that the search term — admission age mother’s pride new delhi — doesn’t list the websites that provide the accurate and sought after information.

So, what is the best approach towards making an online search for a parent?

A Better Alternative
The best and perhaps the easiest way to go about searching for information related to any preschool is to visit the main website of that particular preschool. Thus, instead of typing-in — admission age mother’s pride new delhi, a better option would be to type-in the brand of preschool or the preschool name, followed by a comma, followed by the city/location of your preference.

For example, a search term like — mother\’s pride, new delhi or shemrock, new delhi would invariably bring you to that preschool’s main website. Now, the parents can not only checkout the various locations/availability of that preschool in New Delhi but also get a better idea about the activities and facilities that are provided by the preschool and any new changes in the curriculum/certification/affiliation that the preschool has incorporated. Further parents would realise that the availability of some facilities might vary from branch-to-branch.

Most of the main websites of preschools are very informative in this regard. For example, Shemrock’s main website lists every kind of information that would be sought by a parent including —
• Admission information
• Activities and facilities
• The education system at shemrock
• Contact details
• Resources for Parents and even
• A Franchise Section

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