PM Modi’s Impactful Speech on Teacher’s Day

This year on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with several teachers and as many as 12 million students across the country.

Here are the highlights from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech on Teacher’s Day:

  • He said that there is a need to find out as to why is the value of a teacher losing its shine and why do the students do not want to take up teaching as a career when they grow up.
  • He advocated that there is a huge demand for good quality teachers and India being a young country should be able to produce the required lot of teachers.
  • While remembering Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, he asserted that serving the nation is more than simply doing grand things.
  • He recalled about as having toilet facilities for girl students in every school he stated on the Independence Day speech.
  • He stated that nation building should become a national movement wherein each & every individual should be involved.
  • He encouraged girl education thereby stating that every educated girl further educates at least two more families.
  • PM motivated the students to read biographies of great personalities so as to explore about their lives.
  • He reinstated that being a ‘Taskmaster’ himself, he expects others to work hard as he does.
  • Adding to this he even said that a teacher-student relationship must always be nurtured.
  • He talked about the significance of teachers and much more.

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