From their heydays in the past, some popular schools in India have maintained their popularity and influence on the people. A popular school continues to sustain for decades in the society. School is one important institution and if it happens to be a popular one, it retains its popularity for generations.

School chains are not entirely new phenomena in India. Brands like SHEMROCK have occupied the space for about two decades. Whereas SHEMROCK started in the northern belt, the gradual progress has led to the establishment of near 100 schools all over India.

One more chain called Ryan International started from yet other metropolitan city, Mumbai. However, there positioning in the market has been different than SHEMROCK.

In preschool education some other players in the market include Kidzee and Mother’s Pride. Both of them cater to the same segment, the preschools and their models are also based on school franchising.

SHEMROCK has observed a slow and gradual progress and the organisation has been very selective in distributing the franchisees. The franchising model of SHEMROCK is a little rigid as they allow required checks for quality control. After a long wait, SHEMROCK has finally ventured in the primary and secondary school segment. Their upcoming brand, SHEMFORD schools is aimed to extend their successful preschool franchising model to primary and secondary schools.

The capital investment to acquire the franchisee of SHEMROCK is also reasonable. There is a minimal royalty, which has to be paid by the branches for each month.

Also, many foreign players are interested in taking the concept to their own countries. In the last few years a number of foreign investors have shown their interest for the same. Many of them are from the adjoining countries in the Middle East and Asia Pacific region.

Quality education, which is reflected by the growing school chains in India, has impelled many people to consider the affiliation with them. It is speculated that the popular school brands have a great scope of spreading out beyond the national frontiers.

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