Preschool Brands in India


A branded preschool in India isn’t uncommon these days. Most urban and semi-urban centres boast of a number of branches of branded preschools. Pre schooling has evolved into a professionally managed sector with rising investments and vast opportunities for expansion through franchises being offered. Some people tend to confuse Day-care centres and preschools. Although a preschool also serves the purpose of being a day-care centre, it is a bit different in its approach. A branded preschool in India is associated with being a licensed and accredited educational establishment that boasts of a planned and structured academic and recreational environment within a professionally-developed curriculum.

Better than Day-care
Preschools offer more age-appropriate type of activities as they function beyond the realm of merely keeping the child engaged unlike a day-care centre. A branded preschool in India is now being marketed as a stepping stone towards formal education. In India, senior secondary education is very serious and preschools which promise to provide a foundation for further learning also assume a great deal of importance. The academic aspect of branded preschools in India is much more than that of global preschools and is feature unique to the Indian system of preschooling.

Varying Curriculum
Some branded preschool in India might still be following the Montessori system of education. Some more prestigious and reputed preschools have gone beyond the realm of Montessori-based curriculum. A branded preschool in India might advertise itself as the best in the business as most of the leading brands have a good reputation. However, in this age of slick advertising, such advertisement-based campaigns might just be an eyewash and may be only highlighting the better aspects associated with a particular brand of preschool. This is why it becomes critical to check out the certifications and accreditations of a preschool rather than just depend upon its reputation.

Any branded preschool in India is basically a privately-funded venture. Most these schools are based on the franchise format. One glaring aspect that becomes apparent is the lack of central controlling body or organisation that regulates and oversees the operation of these preschools. Most of these preschools have the freedom to decide every aspect of their function independently, including the monthly fees, preschooling hours, schedule of vacations, childhood philosophies and the methods of discipline used within the classroom.

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