Preschool Brochures: Need & Impact


In terms of a definition, a brochure is basically a leaflet/booklet/pamphlet/piece of printed paper that is used for the purpose of promoting a product, brand name or services. Brochures for preschools are generally used for advertising activities and preschools have been using them since their very inception. The design of a typical preschool brochure should be attention-grabbing and usually brochures for preschools are infused with a lot of creativity and an array of different colours.

Advantages of Having Brochures for Preschools
For any successful marketing campaign it is vital that the logo should be very impactful and should induce a feeling of association and reliability with the people. If the logo is seen often, then the marketing campaign has been successful in making the people familiar a particular brand. This holds true for preschools also. One of the easiest ways to make people familiar with the logo of a preschool is by getting them printed on brochures for preschools. Brochures for preschools usually carry the preschool’s logo, making the audience feel that the brand is professional and financially successful.

Impact of Brochures for Preschools
Most brochures for preschools have smiling and happy children in a very expressional manner. These brochures use glossy photographs that have preschool teachers intermingling with the students and are littered with pictures of activities that are conducted by the preschool like the field-trips or picnics or stage performances of the students. Such brochures enhance the preschool’s image as having the suitable kind of environment to enable the holistic development of a child.

This helps in engaging the parent’s attention and in making sure that more people approach the preschool for admission. Hence, brochures for preschools also aid in more admission and bigger profits. Brochures for preschools are circulated among the neighbouring household and sometimes also in business places that are likely to see a large footfall of young children. For example, fast food chains. An impressive preschool brochure is a combined effort of the graphic designers, school’s staff, administrators and sometimes the feedback of parents.

Understanding the Role of Brochures of Preschools
The importance of brochures for preschools can be best understood with a simple example. Let us suppose a parent is seeking admission for his 3-year-old son in a preschool that is trustworthy but doesn’t have sufficient information regarding the neighbourhood preschools. The parent starts to seek the opinions of family, friends and office colleagues but is still confused. Now, he sees a preschool brochure. The brochure looks very attractive and the layout is beautiful. It addresses the preschool education from the child’s/parent’s viewpoint. The brochure contains a lot of photographs that highlights the preschool’s facilities/activities. Just a look at the brochure, impresses the parent so much that he immediately makes an enquiry about admissions to that preschool and is eventually persuaded by that school’s counselling staff to get his son admitted.

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