Private Education in India
Education is one of the basic institutions in the state. Because of its paramount importance, education is taken as a prime responsibility by the state or the government. Throughout the world, governments are actively involved in providing various amenities and education services. In many countries, education is also provided by private firms and intuitions. They are more commonly found in liberal societies. In India, private education is provided in private schools, training institutes, private colleges, etc.

Private Schools and Colleges
Indian education system allows both private and government education institutions to deliver education services in India. Private institutions in the education field are mostly found as private schools (providing primary, secondary and high school education), private colleges that are affiliated with recognised universities and provide regular graduate courses, computer training institutes, coaching centres, private professional colleges and preschools.

In segments other than elementary and secondary schools, government and private institutions are comparable in terms of quality of education. However, private schools in recent times have been continuously outperforming the government schools.

Better Education at Better Price
Despite government’s idealistic views and approaches to bring equality in education and provide quality education to all, not much has been done. Instead private institutions have been performing much better than government institutions. This difference is because of the lowest denomination fixed by the two agencies.

Government tries to provide for an average citizen who can afford education at bare minimum expenses. Private agencies provide services according to the expenditure borne by the students or their parents. People who can afford to pay a large fee relatively get to enjoy more facilities and education amenities, provided by private schools and education institutions.

Grants and Funds Received by Schools
Private schools and institutions do not receive any grants from the government, except in special cases. The school fee collected from the students is effectively utilized to deliver education services. Government schools and institutions are funded by the central and state governments.

Recently, a number of government schools and education institutes have been reported as facing the crisis due to shortage of funds. These institutions have complained that the grants and funds received are too little to provide good education or education at all. Many colleges have threatened to close down unless their issues are addressed.

Alarm Bells Ringing for Government
To sustain and meet the demands of a huge population of students has become a Herculean task for the government. Literacy level is still below 70 percent and to bring the remaining 30 percent is not quite easy. Also, the education standards have been poor due to underdeveloped and substandard facilities and infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the obstinacy of the government to bring in reforms and share responsibilities with private agencies have not been much encouraged. The progress, if there is any, in the betterment of education is mostly because of the efforts of the citizens and some newly introduced schools and education institutes. The credit should go to them.

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