Every human institution reaches a time, an era marked by its excellence and grandeur following years of miniscule but significant contributions. Education is one such institution and today stands at the launch-pad ready to take off to reach to the new heights. When we say of education we mean education sector, the opportunities, its scope and its growing demand.

Private education sector is estimated to be worth 40bn dollars in India with a compound annual growth rate of 16 per cent. Though government agencies put it as much lesser, but the sector is growing and growing to be big.

So far private institutions have not been very much encouraged by the government. Despite that private schools and training institutes have been established. Now, PPP or public/private participation has received a little appreciation as one of the solutions to bring the entire population under the vesture of literacy. One of the most lucrative segments has been the K-12 or ‘kindergarten to grade 12’ schooling segment. Very few key players have entered the field and have been successful in the said segment.

One of the most observed trends has been the rise of the school chains in India. However secondary school chains or senior school chains are not many in number.

The top brands in the country like DPS and Ryan have a good share in the local market and especially in the said segment. Still there is plethora of opportunities for the private players who are waiting for the appropriate time.

The education market in India can further be segmented in Tutoring, Textbooks, Stationary, Preschools, Education Software, Professional course and College Education, Test Preparation, Skill Development, etc.

The market for the education is opening up and already its mammoth size can be realized. That makes the proposition for an investor or businessman real interesting.

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