Privatization In The Indian Education Sector


The elephant needs to go on !

India, with a population of 1.2 billion has been riding the IT & ITES boom which has been powered by skilled English speaking manpower & IT skills. Now, with shortage of skilled manpower, our country including our government is focusing on nurturing the future generations to fuel future growth. Thus, we are seeing an increasing thrust of the government to involve private players for developing the plight of education in the country.

This ease of regulations for starting an educational institution has resulted in a rapid growth of private educational institutes from preschools to universities being setup. However, quality is something that privatization alone cannot guarantee. With greater information exchange through the media and the internet, students and parents are more aware of standards & options.

Further, people are realizing the need for better quality education, the education sector is also being challenged to innovate and create more effective & efficient education systems. This market choice will ensure that only quality players will survive.

Or will an education regulatory work ? Should it be a government owned or independent ?

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