The state government of Andhra Pradesh is taking productive initiatives in assuring compulsory education to children at the primary level. Today, many schools are being set up by the government to impart elementary education. More and more schools are being set up in Andhra Pradesh that are either affiliated to the state Board, the CBSE or the ICSE. Due to the increasing demand for quality education in the state, starting a school in Andhra Pradesh at the 10+2 level can be a rewarding venture. If you want to open 10+2 school in Andhra Pradesh, then go through the procedure given below.

Here are the steps for opening 10+2 school in Andhra Pradesh

Before starting the venture, you need to formulate the business plan. Your plan should be comprehensive and should give clear idea about the operations of your school. You may include the nature of your venture (whether profitable or non-profitable), number of educators, support staff and administrative staff you need to hire for your school, estimate of the capital investment required for your venture, advertising and promotional activities.
The next step is to arrange for the budget required to start 10+2 school in Andhra Pradesh. You will require anywhere from Rs 2 Crores to Rs 3 Crores to start the venture. You may resort to a financial institution or bank to borrow the money. If you do not know how to get funding for starting a school, then click here.
Now, you need to establish a Trust under the Indian Trusts Act. The Trust, consisting of at least three individuals, will run your educational institution. This step is important, because most of the private educational institutions are run by charitable Trusts or registered Societies.
Next, you may acquire the land required for opening 10+2 school in Andhra Pradesh. You will require at least 2 Acres of land for your formal school. In case of hilly area, city with population exceeding 25 lakhs, 1 Acre will be sufficient. The land should be located in a calm and pollution-free environment. In case of agricultural land, you need to convert it into institutional/commercial land as per requirement. The land can be either leased (with minimum 30 years of rental agreement) or property of your own.
Before the construction of your 10+2 school starts, you need to get NOC from the state government. After this formality is completed, you can start the construction of land. You need to include the necessary physical infrastructure for your school. These may include classrooms, toilets, computer room, library and laboratories, Principal’s Office, staff room, HM room etc.
Now, when the construction and finishing work are over, you may start hiring educators, administrative staff and support staff for your 10+2 school in Andhra Pradesh. You will require subject teachers, Principal/Vice-Principal, HM, accounts executives, computer operators, librarian, lab assistants, office boys and the like.
Once the recruitment process is over, you may promote your 10+2 school in Andhra Pradesh to attract admissions. For the purpose, you may first conduct a Press Conference to announce the launch of your 10+2 school and then support the launch activity through advertising campaign. You may opt for branding through print ads in local magazines or newspapers, outdoor ads such as billboards, hoarding, neon signs and TVC (television commercial) in local entertainment channel. For the purpose, you may assign a portion of your budget for advertising and promotional activities or conduct a survey or sampling to know how other schools in the field spend on branding.
Spending on branding may prove to be expensive. Moreover, you need to establish your brand name in order to attract maximum admissions. If you feel that the entire process of opening 10+2 school in Andhra Pradesh is expensive, then you may resort to easier ways of earning profits. One such way is franchising. Taking franchise opportunity from an already existing brand is indeed very rewarding. If you want to 10+2 school franchise opportunity in Andhra Pradesh, then you may resort to SHEMFORD – India’s fastest growing International Chain of Schools. To become a part of SHEMFORD, you may fill the Franchise Application Form given here or visit franchise FAQ. Fill the Franchise Contact Form to get consultant’s advice.

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