Procedure to Open a School | Steps to Open a School


Procedure to Open a School

In India, due to the continuous demand and increase in awareness of quality schools, many individuals are opting for a school business. Establishing a school has turned out to be the most profitable and lucrative venture because education is a recession-free sector. Moreover, it is a noble profession that provides an opportunity to serve the society, apart from earning ensured returns on investment. So, to open a school on your own, follow the procedure given below:


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Capital Investment

To begin with, ascertain the amount of capital investment. For this, you need to invest approximately Rs. 1-2 crores. The expenses would include land acquisition cost, investments for infrastructural requirements, promotional expenses etc.


The next step is to search for a suitable location to establish your school. Make sure that the location you choose has a calm and peaceful environment. Moreover, a residential area is preferable, as it offers easy transport accessibility.


Once you have selected the location, the next step is to acquire the land that suits your requirements. For a formal school, an area of about 2 acres is sufficient. It will be sufficient to accommodate the school building and a playground too.


To ensure the non-profit motive of your school, it is essential to form a Society/Trust. So, the next step is to form a Society/Trust with educated and influential individuals. Also, get it registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 or the Indian Trust Act, 1882, respectively.

Obtain Essentiality Certificate

Further, obtain the Essentiality Certificate (EC) from the State Department of Education. As the name suggests, it is essential to obtain the Essentiality Certificate (EC), commonly known as the No Objection Certificate (NOC), failing to which you cannot start the construction process.

Construction Process

As soon as you obtain the EC, start with the construction process of your school. The school infrastructure should be designed in such a way that it stimulates a learning environment. Spacious classrooms, well-equipped library, Science, Math & Computer labs are some of the basic facilities that your school must possess.


Lastly, gain affiliation from any recognized board of education. Generally, schools in India seek affiliation to CBSE, ICSE or State Boards of Education. Hence, make sure that you seek affiliation from any of these Boards of Education.


After the construction process is over, start conducting interviews for various posts. You can also consult a placement agency, which will help you to recruit suitable candidates for your school. Moreover, ensure that you appoint well-qualified and experienced candidates.


Further, to make your brand known to the prospective parents, implement effective promotional strategies such as distributing flyers and pamphlets, putting up banners and hoardings, a feature story in the local newspapers declaring the pre-launch of your school etc.

The above steps provide you with an overview procedure to open your own school. However, many reputed schools offer franchising model. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools, an established name in the education sector provides rewarding franchise opportunities across the world. So, it would be an intelligent decision to become a franchisee of SHEMFORD. To get associated to this recognized name, fill the Franchise Application Form and get free consultation..


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