With a boom in the education sector of India, more and more private schools are coming up in the country. Private schools in India are either upgrading them to K-12 level, while other schools are being started at the 10+2 level itself. Starting 10+2 school in major cities, such as Ahmedabad, can be a beneficial as well as lucrative venture. If you do not know how to open 10+2 school, then go through the procedure given below.

Starting 10+2 School in Ahmedabad involves the following procedure:

First, you need to plan it out. Your business plan should be clear and comprehensive. You may include details about the capital investment needed to start your 10+2 school in Ahmedabad, number of teachers, administrators and support staff you will recruit in your school, number of children you wish to enroll, estimate of total expenditure on advertising campaign, branding and other promotional activities.
The next step is to secure budget required for opening your 10+2 school in Ahmedabad. You need to arrange at least Rs 2 Crores to Rs 3 Crores to start the venture. You may approach a bank or a financial institution that offers loans to budding entrepreneurs in the education industry.
Now, you may form a Trust that will run your educational institution. This is mandatory, because most of the private schools in India are run by registered charitable Trusts or registered Societies. Your Trust should consist of minimum 3 individuals as its Trustees.
The next thing to do is to find a suitable piece of land and location for your 10+2 school in Ahmedabad. The land should be located in a pleasant and pollution-free environment. You need to acquire at least 2 Acres of land for your senior secondary school. If you are planning to open 10+2 school within the city limits of Ahmedabad, then 1 Acre of land will be sufficient. However, make sure that the land is registered not for agricultural purposes, but for commercial/institutional purposes. You need to register the land in favor of your Trust.
After all the formalities pertaining to approval of land, such as NOC from state government, are over, you may start the construction of your 10+2 school’s building. For the purpose, you need to first create a plan specifying the positioning and dimensions of the physical infrastructure of your school.
When the construction work is over, you may proceed to the woodwork, power supply and water supply. You also need to make your school fire-proof. For the purpose, you may equip your institution with fire-safety precautions, fire extinguishers and fire alarm.
Once the construction and finishing work are over, you may start the hiring process for your 10+2 school in Ahmedabad. You need to recruit qualified and experienced subject teachers, Principal/School Head, HM, Vice-Principal, physical education instructor, computer teacher, lab assistants, librarian, accounts executives and office boys for your 10+2 school.
The next step is to promote the brand name of your 10+2 school in Ahmedabad. You may announce the opening of your 10+2 school by conducting a Press Conference. Another option is to place print ads in local newspapers/magazines, distribute pamphlets/handbills, book hoardings and billboards in your locality for outdoor advertising or TVC in local or national entertainment channel. The media channel you choose should provide you maximum output in terms of queries for admissions.
If you feel that starting 10+2 school in Ahmedabad is a lengthy process, then resort to an established brand that offers franchise opportunity. When it comes to formal K-12 School franchising, SHEMFORD stands out from the crowd. India’s fastest growing International Chain of Schools – SHEMFORD offers 10+2 school franchise opportunities in Ahmedabad, which is beneficial in many ways. If you want to be a part of SHEMFORD, then fill the Franchise Application Form given here or visit franchise FAQ. Fill the Franchise Contact Form to get consultant’s advice.

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