A school is a unique business. Unique because it cannot even be called a ‘business’. Running a school is considered a not-for-profit venture, but you just need to look around to see that the business opportunity is huge. According to an estimate by an NGO active in the field of education, there are more than 14 lakh children in Delhi alone who seek admission every year in various classes.

Before setting up the school, there are various essentials that need to be taken care of. Some of them are:

Land requirement depending on the convenience, locality and availability of finance.
The minimum area needed for the school building depending on the number of students to be educated and accommodated in the school.
Availability of the finance for the investment in the infrastructure and furniture, stationary, laboratory equipments of the school.
Adequate Knowledge and Information about the building and facilities of the school that serves as a guide for the smooth functioning of the school.
Registration of the School under a trust or society to get guidance relating to the rules and regulations and for the compliance with the school norms and discipline.
Complete all the Administrative Work of the school to avoid confusion and chaos later. Administrative work of the school includes preparation of monthly reports relating to finance, maintaining of office infrastructure and facilities, keeping up of office administrative facilities and ensuring accessibility of daily miscellaneous requirements to provide harmonious work culture to the teachers and staff members.
Recruitments of the qualified and experienced teachers and other staff members to create and sustain excellent systems of education in the school premises.
Provide comprehensive and rigorous training of the teachers and staff members about teaching philosophy and the latest trends in the field of education.
Marketing and Publicity for the development of the school and to spread positive word of mouth.
Setting up a CBSE school is not just about building the physical infrastructure in the form of building classrooms and setting up libraries and laboratories. It also involves obtaining permissions and licenses from concerned authorities at various stages.

CBSE Schools are present all over India because of the need for excellence and quality in education. Therefore, it has become important for the schools to get the affiliation from CBSE Board to get listed in the best schools of India. SHEMFORD is a CBSE School with a reputed brand name. It is a research based organization with 22 years of experience in the education fraternity. The five star support system provided by SHEMFORD ensures success to the school. This support system includes personalised support, marketing guidance, recruitment and training, academic support and systems control.

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