Setting up a school in India is a challenging task that involves investment in terms of time and capital. These days, due to growing education market and increase in awareness for quality school, majority of people are opting for school business.

Setting up your own school requires knowledge and information of basic nitty-gritties and functioning of the school etc. The procedure for setting up a school in India involves the selection of site and land. Depending upon the convenience, location and capital availability, the site is selected for setting up the school. At the time of selecting the site and land for building of school, keep in mind the minimum area required. Next step is to get your school registered under a trust or a society. Before the commencement of the school, it is very essential to complete all managerial work of the school to avoid confusion later. After this, start hiring qualified and experienced teachers and other staff members. This is one of the most essential elements for development of the school. Last step is the marketing and publicity of the school which will not only fetch you the students for admission but will also generates a positive image in the society.

But it is always recommended to own a franchise rather than getting yourself involved in the whole time consuming process of setting up a school. For this, join hand with SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools and be a part of India’s fastest growing franchise school chain.

To get franchise of your own SHEMFORD Futuristic School, you need to follow the simple procedure:

Completion of the Franchise Form.
Approval of site by the SHEMFORD Management.
Agreement of the Standard Franchise Contract.
Confirmation of availability of finance from various financial banks and institutions (if required).
Starting of the School Designing Procedure and Incorporation of the Ideas & Concepts in the Layout.
Starting of the Construction of the School.
Procurement of the Furniture, ICT Equipment, Teaching Equipment, etc. from Suppliers.
Follow the SHEMFORD rules and guidelines to recruit quality staff and organize for their training.
Launching the School with advertisements and PR in Consultation with the Marketing Department of the SHEMFORD Futuristic School.
Congratulations! Now just follow the SHEMFORD Futuristic School System on a daily basis to ensure a World-Class Education for the Children.
Once your branch is launched, you will get continuous guidance relating to the running the school as per the curriculum and standards of the SHEMFORD Futuristic School.
For further support, the corporate office is just a phone call or an email away. They are always with you to help you become a successful entrepreneur in the education sector.
So, be a part of the nation’s top most brand in the education sector and leave all your worries and hassles .As a SHEMFORD Associate , you will be provided with the best needed support and right training for the betterment of your school.

Further, some of the benefits that you will enjoy as you embark on this exciting journey include Training, Recruitment, Operational Support, Curriculum Design and Support, Purchase Savings, Advertising & Promotion support and Continuous Development.

Hence, make a decision and work for the betterment of the society by educating the leaders of tomorrow. We ensure that you’ll achieve success in the project.

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