Accreditation defines quality of higher education in colleges and it helps colleges to compete globally with its upraised standards of higher education. To avoid discrete standards & level of education in colleges of India, our government has formulated accreditation agencies to look after the performances of colleges. The authorities working are National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and National Board of Accreditation (NBA) working under University Grants Commission (UGC) and All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), respectively. These agencies define principles & guidelines for opening colleges and evaluate them accordingly to decide their worthiness for accreditation.

The colleges which are affiliated to a recognized university and have completed 5 years after their establishment can apply for accreditation. Getting accreditation for your college is a streamlined procedure and the steps are given below:

Application Form – First step is to fill the application form for accreditation. For this you need to apply online and submit Letter Of Intent (LOI) & Institutional Eligibility for Quality Assessment (IEQA) format there.
Fee structure – Next, is to submit the fee required to get accreditation. According to UGC, the fee largely depends on the courses provided in the college. For this colleges with facilities i.e. Arts & Science need to pay Rs. 75,000/- and colleges with single faculty i.e. Science or Arts or any other need to pay Rs. 50,000/- for assessment & accreditation.
Self Study Report – Next step is the preparation of a detailed report by your administrative committee which evaluates the goals, achievements, facilities etc. of the college and submits this to the accreditation agency along with essential documents.
Team visit – Once the accreditation agency has received the detailed report, a team visits your college for evaluation. It has 7 criteria i.e. curricular aspects, teaching-learning evaluation, research-consultancy & extension, infrastructure and learning resources, student support & progression, governance & leadership, innovative practices, which serve as the basis for assessment.
Cumulative Grade Point Average – After evaluating the 7 parameters, accreditation agency provides a final score i.e. Cumulative Grade Point Average, according to which a grade A, B, C or D is given to your college. This grade is the final decision of accreditation agency and if your college scores A, B or C grade, it is eligible for accreditation.

The above steps guide you to attain accreditation of your college. The accreditation is provided for 5 years to your college and you have to apply for its renewal once the validity of accreditation is finished. Therefore, it is important that you maintain education standards of your college, right from the beginning and continue appraising its performance to ensure its accreditation.

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