Getting Accreditation for English Medium Schools


Accreditation indicates the ongoing development in a school and its adherence to authorized standards. It is a guarantee that a school provides quality education to the students. Although, it is not obligatory to accredit a school, but accreditation helps in identifying the well governed schools by providing them uniform standards.

Who grants accreditation?

In India, there are various agencies that provide accreditation to the schools, if the school conforms to the standards established by them. These agencies are also recognized by the concerned governmental authority. Some of the agencies who have developed specific procedures for the accreditation of schools are QCI (Quality Council of India), NABET (National Accreditation Board of Education and Training) and NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling).

Criteria for accreditation

A school cannot get accreditation merely by applying for the same and paying a fee. The school must conform to the norms laid down by the agency in order to get accredited. The school needs to fulfill the following requirements:

    • The school must be affiliated to a recognized board for which accreditation is required. It can be CBSE, ICSE or any other state board which grants affiliation to English medium schools.
    • The affiliated school must be driven by a registered trust/society and should be in existence for a minimum of three years.
    • The school must have well-ventilated classrooms, a library having 5 books per student, provisions for separate and well-equipped laboratories for different subjects, proper equipment for sports and other extra-curricular activities.
    • A secondary school must have a trained graduate teacher for each subject and a senior secondary school is supposed to have PGTs in the respective subjects.

These are some basic requirements that the school needs to fulfill to obtain accreditation.

Procedure for schools seeking accreditation

    • The school has to submit the completely filled application form, providing the correct information and all the necessary documents as mentioned in the form. Besides this, application fee of Rs.5000 has to be paid, without which the application form will not be accepted.
    • Next, the administration will verify the completeness of the necessary documents following which the agency will appoint a professional team for the inspection & assessment of the school.
    • Once the inspection is over, the team will submit a report to the governing agency along with their recommendations.
    • Further, this report and recommendations will be considered by the accreditation committee on the basis of which the committee will decide whether to grant accreditation or not.
    • If accreditation is granted, the school will be adhered to the norms and the standards set by the accrediting agency.  In case the school fails to comply with the standards of the agency, the agency may initiate proceedings for the withdrawal of accreditation.

However, school accreditation is not permanent. The school needs to prove to the regular review visit of the agency that it is growing & developing as per the standards established by the agency. The accreditation is applicable for a period of four years. Thereafter, renewal of the same is sought by the agency. So, get associated with the most trusted brand click here to fill the Franchise Application Form.

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