Process of School Accreditation in India


The continuous growth of Indian education sector indicates that demand of quality schools is very high these days. The reason is, educated parents search for such schools which focuses on the overall development of their children and facilitate their learning with best of the amenities available in the school. Therefore, opening a school with good infrastructure is not enough and it is important to follow norms laid down by various education boards to make your school a known brand name in the education sector. Hence, affiliation and accreditation are two important key factors which ensure quality education in your school.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a process to maintain quality standards of education in schools. It evaluates school’s performance, facilities, resources, curriculum etc. to promote and maintain the growth rate of the school. It ensures that the school is being run according to the norms laid by education board, according to which affiliation has been provided to the school. Therefore, a quality inspection is done after a stipulated time to check whether a school is still being run according to pre-set educational goals or not.


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How to get accreditation for your school?

To maintain equal standards of quality education in all schools, government plays a big role as it has formed agencies which provide accreditation to the schools. Quality Council of India (QCI) and National Accreditation Board of Education & Training (NABET) are agencies in India which evaluates the schools and its educational standards and provides accreditation to the schools.

The basic process to get accreditation for your school is given below:

    • Fill the application form – The first step is to visit the accreditation agency and fill the application form available for the accreditation of the schools. Submit the application fee along with the essential documents of your school.
    • Prepare for inspection day – The accreditation agency decides a particular day of inspection and visits your school for evaluation. There are some set parameters like curriculum, infrastructure, facilities, safety measures etc., according to which the performance of the school is evaluated and a specific score is provided to the school.
    • Submit letter of compliance – After the school examination, the inspection team suggests improvements required in the school to match the educational standards of accreditation agency. For this, a letter of compliance has to be drafted agreeing upon the suggestions and submit it to the accreditation agency.
    • Do necessary improvements – Once the school finalizes the necessary changes for improvement, its performance is again reviewed by the inspection team. If the team is satisfied by the changes, it certifies accreditation to the school.
    • Renewal of accreditation – Accreditation is a timely inspection to maintain education standards and therefore, it is important to apply for its renewal after every four years to continue the accreditation.

The above procedure outlines important steps to follow while aspiring for accreditation to your schools. Hence, it is essential that you follow all the guidelines properly and plan your school accordingly. So, taking up a school franchise is a better option. SHEMFORD Futuristic School is a reputed brand name which offers full support and assistance. So, click to fill the Franchise Application Form and be a part of SHEMFORD – India’s fastest growing Chain of 10+2 Schools.


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