Reconstructing Education System in Bihar


Among the states that have inadequate education facilities and malfunctioning systems, Bihar lies right at the top. However recent efforts undertaken up by various government and non-government has started to show some positive signs.
In the previous year, Governor R.S. Gavai initiated a number of reforms, particularly in higher education segment. However, the Governor exited in June this year, leaving behind the tasks for his followers and other agencies that have put on their faith to bring quality education to this state.
SHEMFORD Group of Schools is also working on a project to take its services to the region called Hajipur, in Bihar. The universities have already started to move ahead initiatives taken by new Vice-Chancellor’s. Government is also working on issues related to remunerations that are received by the teachers.
If things keep on moving at the current pace, the education profile of the state can be improved in a short span of time.

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