Republic Day Games and Activity Ideas – Celebrate this Republic Day with your kids.


United we Stand

A. Find the State

Give the political maps of India to the teams and they will get one minute to fill in states. The team filling maximum right states will win the point for this game.

B. Hoist the Flag

Things Required

• Two Flag poles

• Two Indian National Flags

• Two Flag stands

• Two 10 meter flag rope

• Two bags of flower petals


How to Play

• Divide the participants into two teams

• Hide the above items in the party area and ask the teams to search for the items.

• Both teams should find all the five items before starting the hoisting activity.

• Start with attaching the pole to the stand and putting the flag rope over the top pulley of the pole.

• Attach the ends of the flag rope at top and bottom of the flag

• Now, fold the flag with flower petals inside.

• Raise the flag to the top of the pole and the pull the bottom end of the rope.


C. Pin the Ashoka Chakra

Things Required

• A big poster of Indian Flag without the Ashoka Chakra

• Printed Ashoka Chakra (as per the number of participants)

• Double sided tape or glue.

• Band to close the eyes.

• Pen/Pencil

How to Play

• Fix the large poster of Indian Flag against a wall.

• Give each participant the printed Ashoka Chakra and ask them to write their name behind it.

• Now cover their eyes with a band, revolve them and ask them to pin the Ashoka Chakra on Indian Flag one by one. Hooting, guiding and misguiding each other will increase the fun of this game. Let’s play and have fun

D. Match the Slogans

Things Required

• Take printouts of below image as per the number of participants:

Match the Slogans • Pen/Pencil

How to Play

• Give one printout & pen/pencil to each participant. • Participants now have to match the slogans with the freedom fighter’s name who said it.

• Time limit is one minute.

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