Schools all over the world are the epitomes of the education philosophy and systems that have evolved over the years. Their meaning from simple learning environment has radically changed and in the present era the schools have taken the status of dynamic educational and cultural centers in the country.

Though different kind of schools can be found but some characteristic features are exhibited by all schools. If we talk about the requirements to start a school, there may be difference marked according to the kind of school. However, as we said, some requirements stand for each kind of school. Some of the requirements to start a school in India are given in the below list:

Land: The land requirement to start a school is specified by the education governing bodies. In India, the state education department forwards the directive regarding the land requirements. Also, land requirement is specified by the affiliating board or any such institution to which the school is going to be affiliated. For senior secondary schools (K-12) the requirement is generally close to the two acres with relaxations for those that are established in hilly regions and major cities. The requirement to start a primary school is almost the half.

Site: There is a difference between the land and the site for the school. The site of school signifies that land which can be used for the school; the location, accessibility and the affordability.

School Building: On part of the land must be the school building. Again the governing agencies determine the minimum area that is to be occupied by the school building. Further there is a specified floor area for the number of students that are to be accommodated and educated in the school.

Capital: Any person or agency interested in starting a school must have enough capital to invest in the development of the infrastructure and provision of school facilities, like furniture, library books, laboratory test equipments, stationary, lockers, air conditioning systems, security and alarming systems, etc.

Permissions: The school one is supposed to open has to obtain the permissions from various government agencies as per the law of the land.

Knowledge and know-how: One of the primary requirements to start a school is the knowledge about the structure and functions of the school. People who have a fair knowledge and know-how can be better successful than those who do not have.

These are some of the basic requirements to start a school.

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