The role of a modern-day administrator has become very comprehensive. It includes coming up with ideas for staff recruitment. This includes, posting openings at placement centers, attending job fairs and advertising for open applications. An administrator is also involved in deciding upon the training tools by:

Making sure that the training methods are in accordance with the state regulations. Observing and evaluating the latest training techniques and finalising the involvement of families in child care.

An administrator is also concerned with the promotion of his centre. This includes finding the right means of advertising, including the distribution of newsletters and brochures to local businesses.

An administration is also involved in developing strategies for successful staff meetings and healthy parent-teacher interaction besides the obvious role of making sure that he centre continues to bring in profits.

The Role of Caregivers
Primary education involves childcare providers who are concerned with a multitude of responsibilities, including:

Training children to develop a sense of confidence.
Caring for mixed-age groups and varied interest levels.
Defining the role of parents in early education and resolving parent-teacher conflicts.
Creating the right kind of learning environment and the suitable classroom set-up.

The Role of Trainers
A trainer plays a vital role in provide preschool education. A trainer is faced with a number of tasks in a classroom like:

Getting all the classroom tools and materials organized in advance.
Checking all the little things such as enough chairs and whom to contact if there is a problem.
Actively involving parents whenever possible.
Making sure that classroom education is a blend of fun and educational activities.
Maintaining clearly-stated objectives and goals in their lesson plans.
Involving visual aids to make the student-teacher interaction more complete.
Maintaining the right level on enthusiasm in the classroom.
Making sure that affection and discipline don’t interfere with each other.

The Role of Parents:
A parent’s role in his child’s education is perhaps one of the most important and deciding factors in a child’s future. After the parents have made an informed decision regarding the preferred preschool, they need to be further involved with the child’s education and should try:

To develop and encourage reading habits at home, even for young preschoolers and toddlers.
To ensure that they aren’t overly involved or continue to argue with the authority of the teachers.
To attend as many parent-teacher conferences and provide their honest feedback to the teachers and the childcare providers.

To be involved in the child’s performance by monitoring notices, memos, report cards, progress reports etc.

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